Finally, software and support to help you sell
Payroll and HR Services

A powerful sales platform built for Payroll & HR Firms. Price, quote and implement with ease.



Quote faster with guided selling

  • Familiar shopping cart interface makes quotes a breeze.
  • No more messy spreadsheets and back-and-forth email chains.
  • Create and send finished quotes in minutes.

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Collect Signatures and Approvals Online

  • Send HTML or PDF quotes to prospects for approval. Powered by Adobe EchoSign.
  • Next, send pre-filled implementation documents and get E-signatures fast.
  • No more printing, hand-signing and scanning. No more hand-written forms.


Onboard faster and more accurately

  • Zoom your new clients through the implementation process with PayrollCRM.
  • Make a clean handoff from sales to operations.
  • Start billing faster and flatten the speedbump of implementation expenses.

“Before we found PayrollMart, we were quoting with spreadsheets, we didn’t have a view of our sales pipeline, and we were spending at least 3 hours on each sales proposal. Since we started with PayrollMart, our pipeline revenue is up by 35%, we make proposals in only 15 minutes, and we’ve brought transparency and organization to our sales process!
We highly recommend PayrollMart – it’s a game changer!”

– Colleen Bement, Vice President of Business Development, PayBridge


A quote-to-cash distribution platform for payroll & HR firms.


Streamline sales for any type of prospect

  • Quote payroll, time tracking, HRIS, benefits, hardware and more.
  • Easily manage complex or basic opportunities.
  • Simplify sales to multi-entity (EIN) companies.
  • Adjust pricing case-by-case for greater profitability.
  • SSL Secure with 128-bit encryption.

Flexible for any sales environment

  • Set floor pricing for your sales team.
  • Offer a mix of services and products: recurring, annual, one-time setups, hardware, consulting hours and more.
  • Create a single pricing database for referral sources (benefits brokers, CPAs, 401(k) advisors, etc.)
  • Offer standard or negotiated pricing, or a mix of both.
  • Integrate with your CRM system (imports available for SalesForce, Sugar, InfusionSoft, etc.)

Grow Your Business with the PayrollMart Platform

Easily Manage the Full-Cycle Prospect Pipeline from Leads to Quotes to Customer Implementations


Dashboard – to see your business at a glance

See your business at a glance with pipeline progress summarized in the intuitive dashboard display. Instantly know your prospects’ status, how many quotes have been sent and accepted, how your implementations are progressing and more. The dashboard display is your jumping off point to support ongoing opportunities and address outstanding issues that are affecting your business. With a few clicks you can dive into the details you need to keep your customers happy.

Fact Finder – to manage your prospects

The Fact Finder is your lead management portal, allowing you to capture new leads and track their progress through the quoting process toward becoming customers. Link online forms to your web site to capture prospect information right from the source. Guide prospects through numerous qualifying questions to help them with the most accurate responses possible.

Pricing & Quoting – to quickly prepare accurate quotes

The Quote Builder module is an advanced configure-price-quote engine all in one place. Create quotes that draw from pre-loaded pricing sheets representing everything you sell, from recurring services to physical products like time clocks and security tokens, to consulting hours and more. Point and click your way through building accurate quotes that guide salespeople through a rule-driven process that controls important quote details for your business. No more errors from spreadsheet formula problems or out-of-date pricing.

Implementation – to seamlessly launch new customers

Start new customers on the right path with a seamless handoff from sales to implementation. Your implementation staff gets instant access to all pre-loaded information, avoiding mistakes and confusion in the handoff process. By following the step-by-step implementation process, implementation staff can onboard new customers with ease, leveraging features like capturing information only one time to avoid re-keying, and digital signing with Adobe EchoSign — included free.