Finally, software and support to help CPAs provide payroll, benefits, and HR to their clients.

PayrollMart provides a full whitelabel setup for CPAs to provide payroll, benefits, & HR. Including

  • Full back-office management.
  • Sales team assistance
  • Help with client implementation
  • Around the clock customer care for all CPAs.

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From 1 Client to 100: The Only Solution You Need To Start Running Payroll For Your Clients

PayrollMart’s powerful tools and services along with its dedicated support team helps you create any Payroll, HR, or Benefits setup for your clients with just a few clicks. We provide CPAs who are interested in running payroll a fully integrated system with several different payroll processing platforms that are accessible via the same dashboard. We leverage the expertise of our payroll service providers to streamline and simplify the administration of payroll and payroll taxes for both CPAs and their clients. In addition to the things your clients expect from a payroll service like accurate and timely checks and/or direct deposits – our service allows you to help your clients with:

  • Federal, State and Local tax payments and filing
  • Garnishment services and Agency checks
  • Benefits Accruals
  • Labor distribution and Job Costing
  • General Ledger interfaces
  • Multi-year pay histories
  • Timekeeping interfaces

Implement & Start Running Payroll For Your Clients With Ease.

A powerful platform built to sell Payroll & HR. PayrollMart helps you to get setup faster with guided processes, online signatures collection with digital approvals to help you and your clients onboard faster and more accurately.

Your Implementation Experience

You stay the main contact throughout the entire process.

Your Clients Implementation Experience

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Powerful Self-Service Payroll Tools For You, Your Clients, & Their Employees

With Self-Service for both your client and their employees, everyone has exactly what they need, just the way they want it. The HR team will love the powerful search and filter fields, while employees can easily make changes to their individual documents and files. And with easy access control, all privacy and personal information are will only be shown to the correct users.

Ridiculously Easy Setup: True One Click New Employee Import

An employee’s first day at work can be tough on everyone, but our onboarding features eliminate some of the stress. With just some basic HR input, new employees can complete and submit necessary paperwork online before they arrive—allowing them to spend more time learning the ropes and less time signing papers.


Get The Support You Need To Start Running Payroll For Your Clients

Get everything you need to sell Payroll & HR: marketing support, fact finders, and a streamlined lead submission process. We create the quotes for you to present, and we offer sales support from start to finish.

Support For You

Every partner is paired with a dedicated PayrollMart Partner Advisor to onboard your firm, migrate any existing clients (for free!), and serve as an ongoing consultant.

Support For Your Clients

Each client can be provided with the option to talk directly to you the CPA or connect directly with PayrollMart’s US-based care team, who are on hand to address any issue that may come up.

Those Are Just A Few Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Provide online time & attendance so your clients payroll is always 100% fraud free.
  • Customizable for any organizational structure.
  • Allow your clients to schedule & manage employee shifts.
  • A responsive design means your client use the system on desktop, mobile, or tablet.
  • Powerful customization options for payroll, reporting, & more.
  • Help your clients setup new employees from interview, to onboarding, to payroll.
  • Process new & existing employees paperwork online.
  • Enable clients to track time-off requests and approvals all online.
  • Show your clients a full payroll audit log of all their employees.
  • One-click benefit enrollment with digital paperwork & signing.
  • Fully paperless benefits administration.
  • Automatic deadline and compliance systems.
  • Provide customizable Payroll reports, with drag and drop functionality.
  • Access compliance reports to help your clients stay on track.
  • No hardware or software for your client to install.

User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to user base. When you work with PayrollMart, there is no need to worry about customer support. Check out what our users are saying!

“I didn’t want to spend hours meeting with sales reps. “

“PayrollMart showed me a detailed analysis of companies, and our doctors chose the one they liked best.
– Robert F., Accounting Manager, NY Medical Office

PayrollMart and their Technology Platform is a game changer for independent payroll companies or people who want to start offering payroll. Every single independent payroll company or accountant needs to be leveraging PayrollMart…Absolute No brainer!!
Zain Hasan, Founder & CEO National Insurance & HR Consulting Group
We are fortunate to have been selected into the National Payroll Network, we have already seen the benefits, they have sent us business, signed, sealed and ready to go. Makes my job a lot easier and I look forward to a long lasting partnership!
Tracy Null, VP of Sales Bus. Dev SentricHR
We have been an early adopter with PayrollMart and their quoting platform, which has helped us tremendously. We are super excited about being accepted into the National Payroll Network
Colleen Bement, VP of Sales Bus. Dev. PayBridge
Wow, finally we (independent payroll Companies) have someone selling for us, can’t believe it took this long for someone to create the National Payroll Network. We are just glad that we have been chosen to participate and ride the wave of new business
Rob Basso, Founder & CEO Advantage Payroll & AssociatedHCM
We are fortunate to have been selected into the National Payroll Network, we have already seen the benefits, they have sent us business, signed, sealed and ready to go. Makes my job a lot easier and I look forward to a long lasting partnership!
Dan Murphy, Founder & CEO Murphy Payroll