About Paul Aemisegeo

Paul Aemisegeo is the Founder & CEO of PayrollMart. He works with Employers & Entrepreneurs to help them with all things pertaining to their employees, specifically in the areas of Payroll, Employee Benefits, Workers Compensation and Retirement Plans.

Let’s Find an Easier Way to Quote Payroll and Human Capital Management Services

The days of selling “just payroll” are over. The Affordable Care Act has fused payroll, benefits, time keeping and HR records into one big clump of data. Employers expect you to deliver integrated HCM services that tie everything together: payroll, HRIS, timekeeping, benefits administration, time clocks and more. Trouble is, before you can deliver these [...]

Don’t Just Refer Payroll Leads — Get Paid to Sell Payroll

You've probably been approached by payroll sales reps already. They want you to send them referrals for new business – but those referrals are your hard-earned clients. The payroll reps want to get in there and talk to your clients without you being in the room. Hm, no risk there… Right. And what do they [...]