You’ve probably been approached by payroll sales reps already. They want you to send them referrals for new business – but those referrals are your hard-earned clients. The payroll reps want to get in there and talk to your clients without you being in the room. Hm, no risk there… Right.

And what do they offer you in exchange?

Some reps just promise that their company won’t chase the benefits business — and this “promise of protection” is valuable enough that they don’t have to pay you commissions on the new business. Sounds like something out of The Godfather.

Other companies offer upfront cash: $100, $250 maybe. Not even enough for a good pair of shoes. Meanwhile, they’re getting paid on your client’s account every month. Where’s your share of the recurring revenue?

We offer you generous recurring commissions and the opportunity to be a true “payroll broker” to your clients. You get to represent all of the best payroll companies — not just one — and you give your client the satisfaction of choosing whichever payroll company they think is best.

How many clients do you have? How many of them have payroll? All of them. How many of those clients do you want to lose? None of them.

Protect your book of business by providing payroll services that pledge – in writing – not to chase your benefits business.

Selling payroll is easy. You’re already selling benefits and employer services — payroll is just one more product line for you. We give you an online referral portal – just type in your info from anywhere. We also give you an easy quoting tool so you can price and quote the services yourself. It’s a basic shopping cart layout. If you can order from a retail website, you can sell payroll.

You’re already a trusted advisor, a center of influence for your client. Payroll isn’t rocket science — all you need is the platform to sell payroll — and we can give you that. We work with large and small payroll providers across the country. We’ll help you find the right solution for your clients — all you have to do is make the introduction.

Your client doesn’t have the time to talk to payroll salespeople, but chances are they’re unhappy with payroll and want to see other options. Don’t let payroll salespeople come in and try to take over the benefits business.

All you need to do is make the introduction and maintain the relationship

Become a true payroll broker — we have partnerships with all of the big payroll providers and a bunch of top-quality local providers too. Whatever your client is looking for — the lowest price payroll, the best customer service, top Human Capital Management technology that ties payroll, HR and benefits together — you can bring this to them.